Friday, August 28, 2009

10 For 10

Yes folks, my kidlets are leaving in the morning with their dad to go to California, and I'm on my own for 10 days. To keep my mind off of them being gone, and try to enjoy my "off" time, I've made a list of things I can do that I can't normally do with them here. So with no further adieu .....

Ten things I can do with no kids and no work for the TEN days they are gone.

1. Sleep naked
2. Go to the bathroom without someone banging on the door.
3. Have a Greek Salad anytime I want
4. Not watch the Noggin Channel for TEN days
5. Go to a movie alone
6. Keep the house clean for 10 days with no work
7. Road trip anyone?
8. Have coffee at my place everyday and write
9. Sleep in as late as I want
10. Use up all my new bath bombs from Lush...

Anyone have any other suggestions????


MakingSpace said...

Get plenty of rest. Daydream a lot. Enjoy alone time, and schedule time with friends. If there don't seem to be any friends, an evening out at some social setting like a play or an art exhibit or something. Do the "I love and approve of myself" affirmation challenge (400 times a day if you care to keep count LOL). Daydream even more. Did I mention daydreaming? LOL

cvsprague said...

Not just eat a Greek salad whenever you want, but ANYTHING you want whenever you want...without having to get up and make them something the second your butt sits down to eat. You can also have any kind of junk food that you wouldn't let them have without having to hide it! I know you miss your babies, but try to enjoy this time to yourself too. I'm a little envious!

Margo said...

I always spend the first day just trying to figure out what to do. Then I spend the second day looking for the children and missing them. It's not until the third day that I can really get to enjoying myself. That's when I realize I can stand in the kitchen drinking a beer while I'm making lunch.
I also like the uninterrupted time at the bookstore.
It's also an interesting feeling to come and go from the house at will.

lesbo said...

bath bombs from lush=yummmy!
hope you enjoy your time :)

C said...

yep all of the above. if you LERVE to cook, as i do, you could make sauces galore to freeze for a quickie meal, or soups, or whatever your family likes. i love doing that. also, you can play your music as loud as you want. you can eat on the couch. you can entertain just adults or have a girlie sleepover. ohhhhhhhhhhhh the list is endless, hon. do whatever your heart desires. i'd also watch a bunch of movies.