Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Camlin at Camlin's Crooked Line gave me this award, and I've been too out of it to notice, my apologies. I guess getting sick does that to you, so I'm giving myself a break just this once. I so appreciate the fact she thought of me when giving it out. She and I have been online blog friends for quite some time now, and have walked similar paths...I consider her a good friend.

Anyway, from what I can make out, I need to put ten random facts about myself down, so here goes.

1. I love to play guitar hero, does anyone want to play with me online?
2. I still have a massive crush on Amy Ray, and probably always will.
3. In real life, I'm pretty freaking shy until you get to know me.
4. My favorite color is engine red.
5. I'm scared of money.
6. I love to write.
7. Don't ask me to help you move, I probably won't be of much help, and will whine the whole time about it...
8. I really dislike hot weather.
9. I'm a super emotional Cancarian and it gets me in trouble more than I care to admit.
10. I miss my daddy everyday.

So on to giving this award out. I think it's pretty well been around the circuit, but I'll give it a shot.

Nina...will always be the first one I give any award too....just because she is fabulicious....

...because she has been my friend, and never ceases to amaze me with her wisdom and knowledge, and her straightforward honest comments.

EarthMuffin...because she's cool like that...

C...because she reads my little blog and always leaves such nice comments!

There are a bunch of other's that I'd love to give it to, but you already have it!!!

Thanks Camlin....



Anonymous said...

LOL I love guitar hero, me and my son play it often. He is getting much better at it.

Mon said...

My little guys love it little boy either plays the guitar on beginner mode, or the drums, and my little girl sings..she loves the song "Rock and Roll Band" (Boston) and "We Are The Champions" (Queen)!

Camlin said...

I love ya, just so you know.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement.

Mon said...

Right back at you Cam.....

C said...

awwwww thank you, M! i am touched.
i erm, also touch myself, bwahahahaha lmao

i will place it on my blog right away with 10 honest facts about moi.

enjoy your weekend, toots!


Janet said...

Thank you Monica! I just put something up on my blog apologies for not moving sooner with it. (The Boy Chick Blog)