Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday morning, and Hubcap and I are taking the 4-wheelers out for a very long ride with the kids this AM. I really am looking forward to it. This week my beloved Macbook died, or I should say the screen died. I think the kids kicked it when I stupidly left it open on the bed while giving them their baths..

So I bought a refurbed Macbook Pro, and had it Fed Exed to my house. I really like the new one though there are some things that are very different. I still need to get the old one repaired, I'm going to send it back to Apple and have it fixed, then clear it out and try to sell it to offset the cost of the new one. I do like this one much better because it's got the metal body and is smaller, and a bigger hard drive, same RAM. So there you go.

Have to go back to work tomorrow, and am completely dreading it. Feeling almost sick about it. I've been rethinking school, and am now leaning toward online stuff, even with the expense, because going "back" to school with a campus means so so many changes to my life and my kids, will have to work part time (so I'm not really saving any money here), will have to work nights (time away from the kids), and honestly, it will just be much easier if I do it from home I think.

The more I think of the pro's and con's...the more I think it's probably the better route for me. Jobs are hard to get right now, and I'm not super anxious to have to worry about working part time because I need the health benefits for the kids. This means I can still move around if I need too, but I won't have to change my schedule per say...

I'll post some pictures of the ride tonight...



MakingSpace said...

Hope you're havin' a fun ride right now!!!

C said...

beautiful day for a ride! hope it was alot of fun..


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want to go back to school, go for it!! Don't let anything hold you back. More and more people are doing the online school and it is ideal for single parents like us.

Fortune Cookies said...

I am a huge advocate of going back to school.
I'm doing it right now, myself.
I think that with all the online options and so many accredited schools offering distance courses, it's so easy now to fit it into any schedule.
Now is the time for us to embrace what it is we want to do, rather than what it is we *should* do. Find a school with a program that fits your needs and will help you to do what you love and make money from it. you'll be so happy you did!