Monday, September 7, 2009

The Weekend of Untruth..

I drove up Friday to see my cousin in Northwest Montana. I had fully intended on telling her everything, as all her life save the last 7 years, she was an "out" lesbian. She married a man, had two kids and has now left him, and she is starting over just like me. When I got there, we went out to dinner, and I asked her about her Facebook profile that said she was "catholic". I got an earful I'll tell you. She has gone all religious on me, and though I probably still could have told her, I just didn't feel it was the right time for me. So I didn't tell her.

We talked of being newly single parents, etc...we did have a very good time, but I was feeling a little let down about not telling her.

We went to Glacier National so fun. We did end up taking the "Redbus Jammer" tour, and it was awesome. Totally the way to go do the "Going to the sun road". We saw a bear, had beautiful weather, and it's hard to believe that I've never been there, since I live here in Montana...but wow.... Here are a few photo's.

Matt Our Driver

My Cousin and I in front of our Red Bus

Logan Pass, near the Continental Divide

Red Bus's Lined up for a break

Lake Saint Mary's

Lake McDonald Lodge

I've decided I am not allowed to go anywhere in Montana that I don't know my way by heart without the GPS. The drive home yesterday was interesting. First off, I nearly nailed two different deer going aproximately 80 mph on a two lane mountain road. Next, on the same road, I saw something running at me, I was still going pretty fast, but was able to slow down. When I reached the beast, I realized it was a billy goat trotting down the middle of the road, with a huge smile on his face. My stupid camera was in the back of the truck or I would have snapped a pic, and I'm sure he would have obliged me, as he seemed a very happy goat.

I stopped in the little town of Seeley Lake and bought myself a cup of really yummy coffee, and prowled around the best little gift/tourist store. I could have hung out in there all day. Once I got back on the road I passed a few more lovely little lakes and came to a junction called "Clearwater Junction". Because I'm a know it all and was sure I knew the way home, I needed to make a right on this road, which I did. I drove happily, enjoying the scenery, singing with the sun roof open, and after about an hour, I came to the highway....but here is the thing, it was the wrong highway. I had driven all that way in the WRONG direction....good god. I was everybit as far from home as when I started out.

I then had to call hubcap (who by the way had just got home and was expecting me very soon) and tell him I was in Missoula, not close to our home. He gave me some expasparated moaning but no more than I was giving myself. So I turned my truck down the correct way and drove home. Two hours later, I reached it, but I was so done with myself by then, I nearly snarffed at everyone that even looked at me. I stopped by Hubcaps and retrieved my kids, and said I was sorry, at that point he was laughing at me. That's the second time in as many years as I've done the same thing and added 100+ miles to my trip...



Camlin said...

I've been there - had every intention of coming out to someone, when something - my sixth sense? - stopped me. Your instincts were probably right, and it wasn't the right time. But next time could be different.

Kel said...

If I were, you I wouldn't care one teeny tiny little bit that I took a 'side trip' on the way home!! You didn't hurt anyone or anything, and saw some awesome scenery.. I'd call it 'me time' and leave it at that!!

Glad you had a good time -- and sorry you couldn't talk to your cousin about things.. You'll know when the time is right - if ever with some people!

MakingSpace said...

Wow those photos are gorgeous! You live in a beautiful place! I just had an experience recently where I intended to come out and didn't and it's unsettling I know. But you gotta go with your gut in the moment. Glad you got your littles back.

Fortune Cookies said...

That lake St. Mary's is absolutely stunning! It makes me want to find that spot and tote my canvas and easel and never ever, ever leave!