Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Is It.....The Beginning....

This afternoon, I had the luxury of taking a nap. The thing is, I didn't nap. As I lay in my bed, watching "Sex and The City, The Movie"...I realized again, why I love this show so.

It made me hungry for my friends, the ones that really know me. I loved watching the movie, and just like at the end of the actual series (of which I was a huge fan of), I was balling my eyes out. Not because Mr. Big declared his undying love and devotion for Carrie, but because they were married, and because in the end, the perfect reception was a cheesy diner with Miranda, Steve, Charlotte and Harry and Samantha. It got to me. The emotional meal part of it all, the fact that the girls have always gotten their emotional meals from each other, and at the end, they were celebrating by eating at a table together. How perfect is that?

So this is my new blog. I hesitate to come out from under the radar much, so I'm not going too. You can call me OC still. No more "Old Crone".

My first weekend semi-alone, and it felt like complete indulgence and decadence. What is so funny is that I spent the majority of it cleaning my old house. But the only thing I was worrying about was me. The kidlets were with soon to be Ex Hubby. I need to find a new name for him, as Dufus is not doing it for me. Any long time readers have any suggestions about what I should now call "Hubby"?

I took an afternoon shower, and a bath last night in my huge ass tub. It felt so weird, and good at the same time. I think though, that I am at my limit, I am missing the little rugrats and ready for them to come home to me so I can smell their sweet little child heads and kiss on them. Sure to accompany them will be lots of whining and crying as I'm sure they are tired and ready to come home too, we will see though.

I named this blog My Montana Blu for a very special reason. It is the name a very dear friend calls me, and I just think it fits. It's full of hope and promise of good things to come. It's not dark, and closeted, it is full, bright sunlight. Not that it won't contain darkness, I'm sure it will, but I'm on to a better place, and I think it's time to put Bearsmountain to bed. I will have a link to it here, so feel free to read it if you want.

Through the night, and into the day!




C said...

hello dear friend. hope it works this time.


the only daughter said...

I love your new, bright and cheery blog home. Yay! to you.

And some time ago another blog friend offered up the term "washband" for husband that was.


C said...

yaaaaaaaaa i'm da first one! heehee evil grin.
welcome to the new home blog! as for da nickname for the ex to be, how bout hubcap? i dont know where that came from but when i read your request, in my head it fit. its kinda cute, non demeaning yet still affectionate in an ex kind of way. haahaa you'll think of something... i'm sure. i like your new layout etc and da fishies you put on here... that website has so many widgets to choose from!
can ya give us your first name or do ya still wanna be called OC? [or how bout "blu"?] it sounds like you are adjusting well, and in time all will fall into place. the main thing is you have done what you set out to do.
i am very proud of you for following your heart and having the courage to walk through the pain it takes to do so. as for you and hubby, the love will always be there hon, it has just changed form. nothing important is black or white. you can create your own shade somewhere in the middle. well take care and enjoy your new freedom as you embark on yet another journey.



sandy shoes said...

Welcome to the new digs. S'nice!

You could just call him Ex. Tough to give him a nickname with any kind of mood attached, as the future probably holds times when you want to throttle him and times when you appreciate him.

Haizey said...

cool, a new real home and a new web one, I am glad to see things are moving on for you and hope both places are filled with happy times :)

Lisa said...

Yeah! I got to read your "inagural" post on your new site on the day it's posted. Congrats on all the new around you!

MakingSpace said...

OMG I'm in tears again sweetie. Welcome to your new cyber-home as well as your new real life home!

Sinnerviewer said...

It's a new beginning, a new blog and from now on, people will really know you and love you for who you really are.

Call the ex "Baby Daddy". It's who he is.

LOVE you!!!


Dawg said...

Great new blog :)

Welcome home hey!

As for dufus .. try kook, loon, oaf, sap, dolt, duck .. most nicknames come from they way they look, talk, eat, act, etc. Like "green wanderer" since he's a pot head, or "sir dufus" ...

Anonymous said...

Very nice and bright new home you've got here. Now I have to move my B Mountain link on my blog... nah. I think I'll leave it. Your journey was/is a great story for those searching.

Anonymous said...

I love the look o fthe blog and I think it is a great name. Why not just call your Ex Hubby simply "Ex"