Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Tooth...

I've got a tooth-ache bad that two doses of vicodin and two doses of fast acting Tylenol have barely taken the edge off of it. I knew I was having a problem with it, I actually made an appointment, but sadly it's not for over a week. I thought I could make it, evidently not.

I hate hate tooth pain. It's the worst of the worst in my book. Lord knows I've had more than my fair share. I'm nearly at the point of telling them to just pull the lot of them and get a bridge. I'm so sick of the pain. I know I could fix it, but honestly, I've had so many abscesses in the last few years, that I don't want to do this any more. I'm crowned till there are no more room for crowns.

I had a tooth pulled last year, and honestly, it was in the very back, where this one is, and I haven't missed it a bit. You can't tell it's gone. No more pain! Poof...pain be gone.

Why does my body insist on giving me severe pain on a regular basis? It must be some lesson I'm trying to learn in this life, but honestly I'm tired of it.

I started feeling that "twinge" about a week ago. I should have gone straight to the dentist, but honestly I didn't want too. I kept thinking it would go away. I know that was a wish, but I'm not good at my teeth, mostly because I'm tired of drills, pain, drills, more pain...pain worse than having my kids. Tonight, it's bad...but I keep thinking, how bad would it be tonight IF I hadn't had pain pills to take.

Then there is the freaked out part of me that has seen too many coroner shows (Thanks Dr. G) and have seen what happens if you let stuff go. I've never been able to figure out how someone can "let it go" since when it's bad, it's to the point if I could chew it off I would.

Honestly, there is no worse pain that I've experienced, tooth pain just sucks.

So I won't be going to work tomorrow. I will be either A. getting into the dentist to get something done, or B. At least getting myself on antibiotics and more pain pill which will cut the pain right then. The pain is from an infection, and ABX cuts the infection....

We will see, but right now I'm drugged up and tired, and my alarm will be going off in 2 hours...I have to get the kids to school, then I'll be dealing with this mess. I may just go take a nice long shower right now....

Wish me luck peeps!



joye said...

Good luck! Substitute "back" for "tooth" and I'm right there with ya.

Avril Fleur said...

Luck! For me it's always gastrointestinal issues or neck, shoulder and and arm pain, but chronic pain sucks!

reeflightning said...

ouch! hope your tooth ache is now long gone.

Skeeter said...

Hi Mon,

Ouch! Hate tooth pain too. It's so constant that it's hard tothink of anything else. Hope the meds can eventually knock it back. Hope the dentist can care of your tooth soon.

Best wishes,


C said...

i think you need a good dose of "her".... once this tooth is fixed. nothin warms the heart like lovin.... cuddlin,.... and squeezin....

how is she with the kidlets? does hubcap know yet.?
isnt it amazing how men can turn into some kind of being you never knew before, even tho you once were on the same page?
yep, i hear ya there.


there're all bastards... lmao