Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The TLL Awards....I've Been Nominated!!

I never thought I'd actually be nominated for this award from "The Lesbian Lifestyle", but wow...who ever did it, thank you!!!!

So now...y'all must vote for me...please...pretty please????

I am feeling the need to win this!!!

I've been nominated in the "coming out late in life" category. Please please vote for me in that category!

You can only nominate me for one category, so please make sure it's the "Out Later in Life" category. I need to be in the top three to make the final rounds.

I'm so so excited!!!




Anonymous said...

you're welcome :)

you deserve it!

Mon said...

Wow...thank you L....!!!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Congratulations!You definitely have my vote. :)

Susan Gabriel
author of Seeking Sara Summers
a novel about coming out later in life

Camlin said...

I have too many people to vote for! How do I choose....maybe I can just vote for everyone.....