Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting Up!

I'm in a much less angry place about Hubcap, I think I can let it all go for now. I just can't argue a stupid issue with him, and I'm not going to stop him from telling his friends what he wants to tell them. I know the truth, I live it every day.

OK..ya'll keep asking about my date. It went sorta really well. I drove over there with a snow storm coming on...we had wonderful Mongolian BBQ food, went to a movie, had a hug, and then I drove home through three hours of snow and ice. Can I say it was totally worth it?

I just really like her. She knows I like her. We are agreed about the "no u-haul" thang.....and have plans to see each other again for a weekend soon, very soon .

I honestly can't wait.

We talk and talk and talk some more. We like a lot of the same music. I think the odds are happening that we are going to be great friends...and most likely friends with some benefits...to use that old inane term.

How refreshing is it for me to talk to someone...really talk after years of non talking??? I find her super attractive, and hopefully it's mutual. I just don't know. I feel excited and like I'm waking up.

I've decided for sure I'm getting a tattoo!!!

Hopefully we will all have a great holiday season!!!!



Earth Muffin said...

Good idea letting the thing with the ex go. Trying to fight with him about that would be a much bigger headache than it's worth. Taking the high road is always the best option in situations such as these.

Congrats on a good date!!! I hope it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and maybe more...

Camlin said...

I'm getting a tattoo too! With my Christmas bonus (well, part of it).

I'm so happy that you met someone!

Haizey said...

perfect timing :D

makingspacethejourneyout said...

Hooray!!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!! And Happy New Year!