Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Losing It Central

I'm going to lose it.

This weekend (New Years) is Hubcap's weekend to have the kids. He is taking Thursday off to stay home with them since they do not have DC. His night for dinner is Wednesday night. So tonight I asked him, "so are you just going to keep them overnight since you will have them Thursday", and he said, "No, I wasn't planning on it".

OMG. I assumed he'd keep them.

He then said, "Can't you just bring them over here before work??" His house is across town and the opposite direction from my job.

So then I said, "well then, you can just keep them on NYE and bring them to me on Friday morning", and he said "But I have to WORK at 5AM....!""

Does he not see the irony here

It's okay for me to get my happy ass up, and get the kids dressed and take them to his house so he doesn't have to have them at night, and lets not even acknowledge that he's taking away one of my nights this weekend.

But it's not okay for him to do the same...

Every time he does something like this he becomes more of a moron to me. I just sent him an email saying I was only going to keep the kids on Friday during the day like I agreed to.

Fuck him.

On a happier note, I paid the deposit for my tattoo tonight...I gave her the design, and they are going to draw it up, and send it to me by email probably by tomorrow night.

I agreed to go with a pretty teal blue, a very dark pretty blue outline and a little white for highlighting, I'm so excited.

I'm also excited for other reasons this weekend...I'm breaking free folks!!!



Camlin said...

My ex and I track everything on a Goolge calendar that we share. If it's not on the calendar, we don't plan for it. That's not to say that we won't pinch hit for each other in an emergency, but there's no guesswork and no fooling around with pick up and drop off times - it's all on the calendar.

Congrats on the tattoo! I'm getting mine done on the 9th! And as for breaking away - woot! woot!

maxine said...

I hope you are keeping a detailed ongoing notebook of all these little incidents so when custody becomes an issue in court (and perhaps with knowledge that you are gay) you have something substantial for a judge to consider. Sucks that you have to, but your kids are worth the time and effort in the long run.

Have a great weekend!