Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Goddess Has Arrived!

Okay wanted you go.

Started off the day (and night E.G.) with my friend and we went bright and early to get my new tattoo. I love it!!

See for yourself, I think it came out wonderful! It will be more fun to put pictures up after the color is settled, and I was proud of myself that I didn't pass out even once!!

Right Before

The Stencil

Working On The Outline

Almost done!

All Finished! Don't you love it?????

Just because I need to hear some ARay after my very very lovely night and day....


Earth Muffin said...

Love it! Please post more pics as it heals.

CJ said...

Looks great! What an awesome design. Did it hurt? You look calm and cool in those pictures!

C said...

you are brave! its beautiful and i like the colors.

happy new years! hope your time with your friend was fantabulous!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic tat, beautiful you! Happy New Year!

lesbo said...

ooh, i LOVE it!

Jude said...

Oh wow....that's a great TAT! and it's perfect for you.