Thursday, January 7, 2010

Confessions Early Thursday Morning

I'm so happy about my tattoo...I keep looking at it thinking "wow" it's mine. It seems strange it's there forever, and it seems very right. It's who I am now, a goddess with a heart in her womb....

I called Hubcap on his drinking this week, specifically the drinking he does around the kids. I emailed him so I have actual documentation should I need it. Small Son had a major melt down on Monday night about Daddy. Hubcap thinks "I'm blowing things out of control". I guess he thinks if he treats me shitty enough, I'll drop it. Sorry buddy...Not.

I've contacted a few therapists already, going to get Small Son evaluated at the minimum. I need some sort of plan of action. I just can't let this continue at the expense of my kids. This is the first time I've had real reason to jump..but I've been watching. I want him to have a relationship with the kids, but I'm not going to allow this drunk fest of what ever goes on there when I'm not around.

I woke up early, it's nice to get a little time to myself, but I need to get the kids up and get this day going.



Monkey Outlaw said...

Reads like you have your doing the right thing. I remember as a kid I stay with an Aunt and Uncle one summer that had drinking problems. Adults don't think kids know or that it effects them .. but it does.

C said...

my exhubcap used to arrive to take the kids to mcdonalds with much liquor already in him and a huge cup of black velvet n ginger ale full in his cup to drink as he drove. it got to the point that i had to check his car and smell him before i could let the kids go with him, and then they ended up not going due to his drinking. i had to watch him like a hawk. you do the same and protect your kiddies. no one else will.

its so hard to be the only one trying to be a good parent. i think therapy will help alot- go for it! plus if anything god forbid happens, you will have legal documentation on your side.