Friday, January 8, 2010

"Prayer to Changing Woman"

I pulled this right out of my 2010 "We'Moon" datebook. Hopefully they won't mind. I give the author full credit. This so feels like my life right now.

"Changing Woman---all creatures bow to you, to your eternal wisdom. Like us you change, too. Born infant in the east, you gracefully crawl to the south, become potent maiden. With your first blood, you dance to the west, become adult woman. Slowing down on your journey to the north, hair silvering and body resilient with old age, you become elder in the north. And then with turquoise can, you walk bent and small, back towards east from whence you came, performing your eternal mystery of renewal and rebirth.

Goddess of many names--Changing Woman, White Shell Woman, Turquoise Woman, grant us your serenity about change, help us to see into the dark glass of impermanence, to honor the things that come as well as go, to trust your eternal cycles of birth to death and to know there will be rebirth again. Help us find peace in all things that change, in our bodies that grow old. Grant us your vision to guide our lives through our passages, large and small. help us trust in the guiding spirit that directs and births all things, from the tiniest seed to the wisdom in our cells. Help see us through the rising and setting of all our suns, the waxing and waning of our many moons. Spread your white shell of protection under our feet and help us walk with turquoise cane into our old age. Grant us the promise of your rebirth. We bow to you, oh Goddess of Change."

--Beth Beurkens 2008.


Camlin said...

I love my We'Moon book! I received it as a Yule gift, and the poetry is amazing!

Girl Fires said...